Watchdog Enterprise

Watchdog Enterprise

Watchdog E is Colorflex’s fully integrated, data polling/print software. It is the preferred method of printing on-demand, Label and Form servicing applications because it completely automates the printing process, using simple delimited text file output from any data source.

By using data that already resides in the system, printing with Watchdog E reduces manual data entry errors, and virtually eliminates multiple data entry mistakes or omissions.

After finding specified data, Watchdog E can perform the following functions

  • Utilize multiple data sources, template designs and output printers
  • Exclude duplicate records as required
  • Clean extraneous characters or records as required
  • Execute specified rule based data transformation tasks
  • Route data as specified

Watchdog E provides an easy, expandable, networkable solution for managing enterprise data, making Label and Form printing effortless. Automatically printing or re-printing individual items or entire print runs, seamlessly using its internal print engine.