Intaglio® is Colorflex’s patented design and print software allowing EASY in-house design of labels and documents containing any combination of variable COLOR, TEXT, BARCODE, and with the NEW Referenced Image feature variable IMAGES/ GRAPHICS. 

Intaglio is a cross-industry; turnkey design solution for on-demand printing capable of constructing designs containing custom TRUMATCH® colors, Grade A ANSI barcode, and creating data fields that allow direct data input or data importation from almost any type of database.

Text fields with Word Wrap capability is also a standard feature of Intaglio.

Intaglio is intuitive, easy to use, has robust functionality, and outperforms software priced much higher!

Printer Compatibility

Each Intaglio design is customized and optimized for inkjet and laser printer output. Whether you use them alone or are producing designs for any of the suite of Colorflex demand print software you will obtain unsurpassed, high quality, consistent printing results.

Cross Industry Capability

Demand printed label and document solutions for many industries can now be created using Intaglio design software by Colorflex. Complete control of all print elements in the design process allow for very complex and sophisticated designs.

Create your own unique design or choose one from a large and ever increasing Colorflex Library for various industries.