Authorized Reseller Opportunities

Become an EDP authorized reseller and help your customers with the industry-leading solutions they need for today’s exciting Identification/Tracking/Management (ITM) market.   When you join our reseller program, your benefits will include:

  • Access to a high-demand product with an established customer base
  • Custom products to meet user specifications and unique requirements
  • Sales incentives to grow your bottom line
  • Quality leads to connect you with opportunities
  • Sales and technical support to help you sell more
  • Co-marketing opportunities to drive awareness

Customized Literature and Branding of EDP Collateral

If you need literature that is professionally printed with your business or reseller brand, we can customize our presentation brochures and sales promotional materials.

Facestock Backprinting

For standard size facestock, EDP Colorflex can create a custom backprint die. With this service every page of labels can come printed with your business logo and contact information.

  • Customized blank facestock designs
  • Custom design factory printed labels
  • Custom material to match the needs of outdoor, manufacturing, or presentation quality labeling needs.

Interested in joining our team? Contact us today to learn more.  Our Sales Department will contact you right away to discuss your future opportunity with us.