factory labels

Factory Labels

Factory labels are the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.

To many people, it may be hard to think of factory labels as a “science,” but the truth be known, it takes a good amount of technical background to solve tough label applications. For instance, one critical question is “What are your labels going to be applied to?”

Here are 5 other critical questions in deciding on factory labels.

  1. What is the manufacturer’s credibility? A confident purchase starts with a solid understanding of the manufacturer’s reputation and integrity. A credible manufacturer of factory labels welcomes your team to visit their facility. When printing of sensitive information, choose a vendor that protects and disposes of your data correctly and securely.
  2. How is their sales support? An excellent salesperson demonstrates expertise in labeling systems and has immediate access to the engineering and manufacturing staff in the event specific questions arise regarding the product you wish to purchase. This salesperson should be in contact regularly throughout the process to make sure that you feel comfortable and informed and must be easily accessible via phone or email.
  3. When to consider Laser printing? With laser printing, you can print labels quickly and easily. Laser printing produces sharp text. Laser offers achievability, along with non-recycled virgin materials. If you are producing in high quality, laser printing is best solution for the job and is the way to go.
  4. What is the maximum allowable label size? Every piece of hardware has allowable label size and printers have printable area of the label. Be wary of any manufacturer that does not mention a maximum allowable label size, as you will want a concrete answer as to how large of a label your potential purchase can handle. Provide information on the items you are labeling, so your manufacturer can use these specifications to manufacture the proper equipment.
  5. How much does it cost? Although budgetary concerns are always important to consider, remember a quality manufacturer with a top-notch sales and support staff, an experienced engineering and technical support team, which are available to support you for the life of your factory labels, is as important to consider as the physical product itself. And helps confirm the quality, reliability and performance of factory labels themselves.

Do these questions help you in deciding on the right manufacturer for your factory labels? Are you looking for the right manufacturer?