Asset Tracking Systems

More effectively monitor physical assets, automate inventory control, prevent loss, and provide better service to customers through a state-of-the-art asset tracking system.

Enasys Inventory and Asset Management System™

EnaSys asset tracking software is a user-centric, intuitive platform that simplifies workflow and puts critical item and asset information at your fingertips.

EnaSys packages come as a complete solution, bundled with asset tracking RFID tags or barcode labels (or both), handheld RFID or barcode scanners, with pre-installed software and unrivaled customer support—so that you can begin securely tracking your high value fixed assets immediately.

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Barcode Scanners

Colorflex offers tethered or Bluetooth barcode scanners that are fast, durable and accurate and meet a wide range of scanning needs, applicatons and budgets from major brands including Code, Symbol, Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell, and TSL.

Colorflex has vetted and tested scanners tha allow barcode captures in practically any condition and with amazing speed. Whether you need to capture data at a point of sale, patient’s bedside, production line or warehouse, we have a scanner made for your environment and application.



Where Asset Tracking Systems Are Used

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