Labels Anywhere Desktop Version

What if you need to do some label printing, but you forgot to pay the internet bill so you have no access?!  Lucky for you, there’s a stand alone desktop version of our popular Labels Anywhere software that you can use.

LabelsAnywhere DT is designed with the well-known look, feel and functionality. It is specifically developed for those instances when a web-based print application is prohibited, an internet connection is not available, or you simply prefer stand alone platforms.

  • Standard Windows desktop application interface
  • Installs as a stand-alone or internal network application
  • Installs on a local machine
  • Distributed on a standard CD or download link
  • Internet or phone activation (sorry, no rotary!)
  • Single/multiple user license availability
  • Extensive, easy to use help file


No, Intaglio is not one of the X-Men.

And it’s not a fancy gluten-free pasta that your grandma refuses to make.

Intaglio is Colorflex’s fancy, patented design software that enables you to easily create and print your own labels and documents  in-house.

It’s capable of constructing designs that contain custom TRUMATCH colors, Grade A ANSI barcode, and creating data fields that allow direct input or importation from nearly any database.

Further highlights include:

  • Text fields with Word Wrap capability
  • Optimized for inkjet and laser printers
  • Complete control of all print elements
  • Create your own design or choose from our template library
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Outperforms more expensive platforms offered by competitors