On Demand Labels

Imagine being able to produce your own high quality barcode custom labels from your desktop or via an Internet app allowing you to print any combination of variable data including color, text, barcode, images and graphics to your precise specification.


LabelsAnywhere includes two cost effective, on-demand print solutions that allow you to print Intaglio designs with any combination of variable COLOR, TEXT, BARCODE, and with the new referenced image feature variable IMAGES/GRAPHICS like never before.



Colorflex provides you with a turnkey, data driven, cross industry, variable print solution with unlimited users that maximizes the power and convenience of the Internet to print labels ANYWHERE while maintaining confidentiality and data security since data never has to leave your computer.

LabelsAnyWHERE Desktop

LabelsAnywhere DT is designed with the well-known LabelsAnywhere.com look, feel and functionality. It is specifically developed for those instances when a web-based print application is prohibited, an internet connection is not available, or a stand-alone version is just preferred.

      • Standard Windows desktop application interface
      • Installs as a stand-alone or internal network application
      • Installs on a local machine
      • Distributed on a standard CD or download link
      • Internet or phone activation
      • Single/multiple user license availability
      • Extensive easy to use help file

As easy as 1-2-3. LabelsAnywhere applications are straightforward and easy to use. You begin printing any type of label in three simple steps.

Whether you print one label per day or thousands… LabelsAnywhere provides an easy and economical print-on-demand solution.




  • Easy, fast file and asset labeling done right
    every time
  • Consolidate all information on a single label
  • Accessible from internet or via software
  • Customized label designs
  • Labels can include variable color-coding, text,
    graphics, barcodes, and RFID
  • Available in alphabetic, straight numeric and
    terminal digit indexing
  • Type the data for each label into data input
    screens customized to match your label design
  • Universal printer compatibility with factory-grade print
  • Support multiple users and facilities anywhere in the
  • Import data from host applications and spreadsheets
  • In-house design services available to help create
    custom labels

Key Features

  • Add or delete users with ability to set access levels to
    ensure data security and integrity
  • HIPAA-compliant data stays local
  • Strong, password-protected login/logout
  • Track label inventory automatically
  • Accurate inventory levels
  • Control costs
  • Print Quality and Compatibility – Printer agnostic
  • Extra-durable paper and polyester labels available
  • Allows vibrant, consistent, controlled true-color printing
  • High-quality barcodes
  • No special equipment investment

Tri-Optic To Go

Having the ability to accurately and quickly print quality bar code labels on demand and on site can help streamline tape library operations. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer Tri-Optic To Go (TTG), giving partners the ability to print Tri-Optic T10000, LTO, 3480, 3592, 9840, DLT, SDLT, 8mm AIT, 4mm and optical labels on their own premises with the same stringent standards as from the factory.

For over a decade, the TTG solution has received the highest ratings from partners who rely on it daily for flexibility, convenience, and to maximize resources. Its success lies in its simplicity—requiring only the investment of a printer. We supply the rest.

In addition to Tri-Optic brand recognition with a logo printed on each label, consider the following additional information.



  • Same day production
  • Shipping savings
  • Higher profit margins
  • 0.5mm label thickness (improved ease of application)
  • Meets and exceeds storage library specifications
  • Knowledgeable and responsive technical support
  • Customer text and logo capable

Key Features

  • No driver or software installation needed
  • Use virtually any color printer to achieve vibrant, consistent, true color printing
  • Print high quality, grade A barcodes without specialty fonts
  • Select labels from a growing library of designs
  • Custom design option
  • Track label inventory automatically
  • Recover and reuse data with “Remember Data” tool
  • Easy set up, robust administrative tools
  • Add and remove users as needed
  • Designed for multiple / simultaneous user capability
  • Strong password protected login / logout procedure


Where Our Labels Are Used

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