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On-Demand barcode label printing for records management systems, data cartridges, and a multitude of other uses. Our labels are customizable down to your unique specifications of colors, text, barcode number sequencing, images, or graphics.

Labels Anywhere:

On-Demand Records Management Labels and More

Since 1992 – the year the United States opened a 78-acre shopping mall, and Microsoft Windows 3.1 was released (among other things) – Colorflex has been innovating and dominating the industry for computer-generated barcode label printing. Our Labels Anywhere demand print software has even been used for integration with physical records tracking and can be utilized across a variety of applications – labeling for server racks, personnel files, product packaging, and much more.

Labels Anywhere provides you with a turnkey, data driven, cross industry, variable print solution that maximizes the power and convenience of the internet to print labels, while maintaining total confidentiality and security for data. The data never leaves your computer!

Tri-Optic To Go:

On-Demand Data Storage Media Labels

Lead-time is critical if you’re an end user that needs labels for your data tape cartridges.

And if Larry in purchasing forgot to put in his monthly order, what are you going to do? Sure, you could place an order with us and have them delivered same-day. But some users are finding it increasingly more attractive to have the ability to print their cartridge labels in-house. Enter TTG – or Tri-Optic To Go, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

Click on the blue words in this sentence to visit the last site you’ll ever need for in-house printing data storage cartridge labels.

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