Tri-Optic Media Labels

Tri-Optic is a world leader in the production of storage media barcode labels, RFID-enabled media labels, label attaching services, and storage media tape tracking.

Tri-Optic Media Labels

For over 30 years, Tri-Optic has been the leader in storage media barcode labels, offering LTO, 3592, T10000, 3480, 3592, 9840, DLT, SDLT, 8mm AIT, 4mm and Optical bar code labels.

Tri-Optic understands the importance of bar codes to scalable tape libraries and have made it their business to manufacture only professional quality sequential bar coded labels. They have worked with the world’s leading storage library manufacturers to create media bar code labels that meet and exceed their stringent standards, and also design and manufacture RFID labels in LTO, 3592, and T10000 formats.

Tri-Optic recognizes that quality barcodes, accurate filing and easy readability are vital to speed data storage and retrieval and—through the use of proven color coding filing methods and Grade-A bar code quality—have maintained their position as the supplier of choice for countless of leading technology companies throughout the world.

Tri-Optic prides itself on meeting the specifications of some of the world’s largest OEM’s and continues to research and develop the newest technology for media bar code label printing in order to provide the highest quality media labels available. Having built many strong relationships with major tape library manufacturers to ensure they provide the most reliable media labels on the market, they are widely considered “The Leader in Storage Media Barcode Labels.”


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