The Leader in Storage Media Barcode Labels

Strict standards and rigorous testing  = a superior product

Accurate labels to .127mm with 100% readability

Over 100 million labels in use, worldwide

Barcodes that read the first time, every time

If those bullet points weren’t enough, how’s 30 years of experience?

That’s right. Longer than you’ve had a personal computer, a smartphone, or streaming music – Tri-Optic has been researching and developing cutting-edge technology for media barcode label printing, bringing you the highest quality media labels on the market.

Tri-Optic offers LTO, 3592, T10000, 3480, 3592, 9840, DLT, SDLT, 8mm, AIT, 4mm and Optical barcode labels. And if you made it through that sentence, we’re confident that you’re not only in this industry, but that you need Tri-Optic in your life.

Quality barcodes, accurate filing, and readability is vital to speedy data storage and retrieval, and through the use of proven color coding filing methods and Grade A barcode quality, Tri-Optic has maintained its position as the supplier of choice for a multitude of partners and companies.

Tri-Optic prides itself on meeting the specifications of some of the world’s largest OEM’s. They’ve built many strong relationships with major tape library manufacturers in order to ensure they have the most reliable media brands on the market. This is what has led to Tri-Optic being crowned the leader in storage media barcode labels.

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